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Simple workout routines for toning your body, burning fat and building muscle mass, plus health and weight loss information.

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This website includes tried and tested simple workout routines to help you achieve your goals, plus good honest diet and lifestyle tips which has been influenced by some of the latest findings in exercise and health.

To get fit and healthy doesn't mean that you have to resort to extreme workouts and diets, and if you do resort to these extreme measures there is a good chance that you will not be able to keep up your efforts for very long. This website includes workouts and tips which are not extreme but they can work with persistence and time.

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Below is a selection of workouts that were submitted from various people, contact me if you would like to submit a workout to this page.

Abdominal Workout by Lauren

Workout Goal - For strengthening your abdominals - Buring calories

Workout Difficulty - Intermediate

When you perform a crunch, get in the start position of laying on your back, once you are on your back you need to bend your knees.

Once you have your knees bent place your hands behind your head, Then pull your upper body towards your legs.

One crunch will not count until your shoulder blades are off the ground, for better results.

For the best results do 50 reps and break 1-2 minutes, then 50 more reps, as you start to get stronger you might want to do 75 reps then break or 100 reps then break, however that's entirely up to you, have fun working out. ~Lauren

Mass Building 4-day Split Workout by James Loughridge

Workout Goal - Muscle building - Strength gaining

Workout Difficulty - Advanced

Day 1

Chest and Triceps

Incline Barbell press 4x8
Flat dumbbell press 3x8
Decline barbell press 3x8
Incline dumbbell flys 3x8
Cable flyes 2x8

Wide grip dips 3xfailure

Diamond push ups 3xfailure

Tricep extension 3x8

Day 2

Back and Biceps

Deadlift 4x8
Wide grip pull ups 3x8
Bent over rows 3x8
Trap flys 3x8
Lat pull downs 2x8

Dumbbell curls 3x8
V bar curls 3x8
Hammer curls 2x8

Day 3


Day 4

Legs & Abs

Squat 4x8
Superset - Leg extensions 3x8
Leg curls 3x8
Leg press 3x8
Calve press 3x8

Weighted crunches 3x8
Jackknives 3xfailure
Air cycle 2xfailure
Crunches 3xfailure

Day 5

Shoulders & Traps

Standing barbell overheard press 4x8
Posterior deltoid flys 3x8
Superset - Lateral raises 3x8
Front raises 3x8
Dumbbell shoulder press 2x8

Front shrugs 8
Rear shrugs 8
Dumbbell (side) shrugs 8

Day 6


Day 7

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